Install Guide

Thank you for installing the SendGrid Integration app to your BigCommerce storefront. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and configuring the app for your needs. If you run into any problems or have any questions, please head over to our Support page to see some Frequently Asked Questions or to get help from our support team if needed.

1. Prerequisites

You must have an account with SendGrid before continuing, and you must be able to access the Setttings.

2. Install the SendGrid Integration App

If you haven't done so already, install the SendGrid Integration App for your BigCommerce store. After installing, you will be directed to our in-app Settings page to enter your SendGrid API Key, as well as to configure your sync schedule.

3. Create an API Key

This app requires an API Key to your SendGrid account in order to maintain your Marketing Lists and add Contacts to those lists.

To Create an API Key:

  1. From your SendGrid Dashboard, go to Settings, and then to API Keys.
  2. Click the "Create API Key" button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Enter a name for the new API Key, something that will remind you what the Key is being used for, such as "BigCommerce Integration".
  4. We do not need Full Access to your SendGrid account, so please select the "Restricted Access" option.
  5. Under the Access Details section, grant the following permissions:
    Mail Send > Mail Send: Full Access
    Marketing: Full Access
    Template Engine: Read Access

    Note: Mail Send and Template Engine are only required if you want us to send Welcome Emails to your new subscribers (see Section 5)
  6. Then click "Create & View" at the bottom.
  7. Copy the API Key onto your clipboard that is shown to you on the screen.
  8. Come back to the SendGrid Integration App in your BigCommerce Dashboard, go to Settings, and paste the API Key into the SendGrid API Key field and click Save.

4. Set up Syncing to Your Marketing Lists

Now that you have saved your API Key, you are able to select which of your SendGrid Marketing Lists you wish to sync from your BigCommerce store. If you do not have any Marketing Lists, or you wish to create a new Marketing List, you may do so right from the in-app Settings page.

We do not retain any customer email addresses within the app, only statistics on the number of contact email addresses that were synced. If you wish to have an easy way to see which contacts were imported from your BigCommerce store, we recommend creating a new Marketing List for your SendGrid account called "BigCommerce" and elect to sync your contacts into this list, in addition to the other lists you may be syncing into. Even if you do nothing with this list, or you don't think you would ever have a need for such a list, do yourself a favor and create it anyhow. You never know why you may realize you need to have this list handy a year or two down the road.

5. Set up an Automated Welcome Email

With the Pro Subscription, you have the option for us to automatically send a welcome email to your new subscribers. You will need to have a Dynamic Template created in your SendGrid account (found under Email API) for this to work. Design this template with whatever you would like your new subscribers to receive. It could have a discount code for a first order, or just be a simple welcome message.

To set up the connection to your Welcome Email template:

  1. From your SendGrid Dashboard, go to Email API and then Dynamic Templates.
  2. Find your Welcome Email template, and click to expand the details.
  3. Copy the value you see shown next to "Template ID" onto your clipboard.
  4. Come back to the SendGrid Integration App in your BigCommerce Dashboard, go to Settings, and paste the Template ID into the Welcome Email field. Be sure you do not have any additional characters or spaces before or after the Template ID.
  5. Enter the Sender Email address that your Welcome Email will be sent from. Use one of your verified sender email addresses in your SendGrid account. (ex.
  6. Enter the Sender Name that you want to be used in conjunction with the Sender Email address. (ex. Your Company Name)
  7. Click Save.

Important Notes:

  1. If you have Automation Rules set up in your SendGrid Account that already sends a Welcome Email to your new subscribers, you should not use this feature as it will result in your customers receiving multiple welcome emails.
  2. Each time we send a Welcome Email it counts toward your SendGrid daily/monthly Email API sending limits. It is your responsibility to monitor this usage so that you do not exceed your plan limit and possibly incur fees from SendGrid.

6. Enjoy the Free Trial

Now that you have the setup completed for the app, sit back and watch your new customers who sign up for the store newsletter appear over in your SendGrid Marketing Lists. Our in-app dashboard will show you how many subscribers are on each of your lists, and how many contacts were recently synced from your BigCommerce store over to your SendGrid Marketing Lists.

You may notice a small delay from the time our sync runs, to the time you see any new activity reflected in the Recent Sync Activity graph. This is because we do not tally these numbers until SendGrid confirms the contacts we sent were actually loaded into your lists successfully, and there is a small delay of up to 15 minutes for this to happen.

7. Choose a Paid Subscription

Before your Free Trial ends, be sure to establish a paid subscription on the Billing page from the in-app Dashboard.